Our Strategies


Rescuing & Rehoming

Our Los Angeles based rescue group focuses on saving animals from neglect and abandonment and pulling animals out of the city shelter system. We understand that companion animals rely on us for care and safety and we’re committed to giving them a second chance. All of our rescues are matched with their best forever families - whether it takes one week, one month, one year or more.



With our partners at Animal Wellness Centers hospitals and trained staff, volunteers and fosters, we medically and socially rehabilitate every rescue animal in our care. Using top notch veterinarians and specialists, no issue is too big or too small to go untreated. Important vaccinations and spay & neuter are fundamentals in our animal care. All animals are given dedicated socialization work so they may blossom into their happy and confident pets.



We promote animal protection on both local and federal levels, working with our legislative partners, Animal Wellness Action. With the Animal Wellness Veterinary Council and animal advocate supporters, we petition and speak out on laws and amendments in favor of animal protection - from wildlife to domestic animals.


Networking & Relief

Building with the community, both at home and abroad is key in spreading awareness on animal care and animal protection. With our network of donors, advocates, veterinarians, volunteers, fosters and adopters we’re rescuing animals from abroad meat trades and helping disaster victims in the Bahama Islands.

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Helping people who can’t afford pet health care

We understand that loving families are often faced with economic hardships, keeping their hands tied when it comes to medical needs for their pet. We strive to keep pets at home with caring families, by assisting them with necessary medical care.


Teaching and Educating

We promote responsible pet care through research, blogs, social media and events. With our dynamic veterinary council team, with expertise in a wide range of animal care and protection areas, we are bringing the veterinary world to the forefront of animal protection.